USPS First Class Mail Slowdown

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We ship most of our customer orders USPS first class mail. This saves our customers a lot of money on shipping. But since January the USPS has closed many sorting centers and they have slowed the delivery of first class mail. Most first class mail used to be delivered in 3 days. Now those same deliveries are taking 5 to 7 days.

We pride ourselves on shipping as quickly as possible. Orders placed by 1 pm ship the same day they are ordered. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about USPS delivery times. Even Priority mail has been affected and is not nearly as fast as it was last year.

Deliveries to Texas, Florida, California and Arizona are especially slow right now. If you need an order expedited; just email me.

We are researching other shipping companies but so far USPS is still the best price for our customers.




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