Postal Rate Increases in United States and Canada

Posted by Katy Siebert at

June 1st 2015 the United States Postal service increased their rates. Most notably the increases were in first class parcel shipping and shipping to Canada. All of our light weight items like our CroEdge blades and crochet hooks are mailed first class parcel. So unfortunately we have had to raise our shipping rates a bit to make up for this increase.

The biggest price increase has been to Canada. I really hate this for our Canadian customers; but unfortunately there is nothing I can do. Lightweight items to Canada were not affected as much as heavier items such as yarn. We have a lot of Canadian customers asking us to ship Bernat Blanket yarn to them. However, this yarn is very heavy. The skeins weigh 12 ounces each so the weight adds up very quickly. If you need a quote please email me

We never add  handling fees to any of our shipping prices. We try out best to make it as reasonable as possible for our customers!



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